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To introduce you to the main indicators of the power module

Today's society pays more and more attention to energy saving, the lower the efficiency, the better. Especially in some instrumentation industries, in the choice of module power application, the standby power consumption of the module power is very high. The power supply module is generally a power supply that can be directly mounted on a printed circuit board. Due to the many advantages of the module power supply structure, the module power supply is widely used in switching equipment, access equipment, mobile communications, microwave communications and optical transmission, communication fields, such as routers and automobiles Electronic equipment, aerospace. The power supplies produced include switching power supplies, ACDC module power supplies, DCDC module power supplies, military power supplies, and custom-made power supplies. Today, the editor mainly introduces you to several main indicators of the power module, I hope to help and understand you!

The main indicators of the power module

1. The power module is a negative feedback voltage regulation system, and its performance indexes are divided into static indexes and dynamic indexes.

2. Static exponential output voltage accuracy: the difference between the actual output voltage of the measurement module and the nominal output voltage.

3. Voltage regulation (source effect): measures the change in the output voltage of modules with different input voltages.

4. Current regulation (load effect): measure the change in output voltage of modules with different output currents.

5. Cross-adjustment rate: measuring the influence of the output power change of one module on the output voltage of other channels, only applicable to bidirectional or multi-channel modules.

6. Temperature drift: measuring the output voltage change of the module under different ambient temperatures.

7. Output voltage ripple: measure the magnitude of the AC voltage component on the output DC voltage of the module.

8 Efficiency: measure the loss of the power supply module while achieving voltage conversion and power transmission





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