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Don’t miss it, do you understand these aspects of the power module?

In the circuit system, the importance of power can be called "heart". Therefore, when selecting a power module, in addition to considering the input voltage range, rated power, isolation withstand voltage, efficiency, ripple & noise and other performance characteristics, it is also necessary to conduct reliability tests for its high and low temperature performance and derating design. Circuit input voltage is too low, will make the circuit abnormal. Working for a long time under low input voltage, the life of the circuit will also have a great impact. So from which aspects can you understand the performance of the power module, if you don't know it yet, don't miss it this time, these aspects let you understand the importance of the power module, the editor will briefly introduce it to you!  

1. The role of the power module

The power module has the functions of isolation, protection (short circuit protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, overcurrent protection, other protection), voltage conversion, voltage regulation, noise reduction, etc.




2. Composition of power module virtual test system

With the development of virtual instrument technology and computer testing technology, it has become possible to introduce computer virtual testing technology in the traditional power supply testing field. We have designed a new type of power supply testing instrument based on market demand. It uses a virtual measurement method based on digital adjustment and computer analysis to replace the original analog measurement method to achieve accurate and rapid measurement of various performance indicators of power supply products. , And can make various data statistics and analysis.

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